Studying sculpture at the University of New Delhi at the age of 18, had a profound effect on me. It was my love of Rodin’s and Brancusi’s sculptures, that had lead me there, together with an exciting twist of fate. India was packed with vibrancy, colours and smells and I was deeply moved by the number of blind people that I encountered in everyday life. As I veered away from pure sculpture, to study 3Dimensional Design back in the UK, I vowed to try and make my work, be as powerful and aesthetically pleasing to the touch as it was to the eye – to almost talk to you; “pick me up here - pour me - hold me”.

A lot of my work is made to commission. I have really come to enjoy the process of collaborating with clients, capturing the essence of what it is they want, whilst making it beautiful and working to a budget.


My ideas very often begin as a small sketch, which I then enlarge on the trusted photocopier and develop in clay. I like this responsive and tactile process. It helps me capture that initial energy, while I refine the form, iron out any design issues and ensure that the piece balances and works perfectly.

My task then is to work out how best to achieve the same thing in silver. Often the forms and budget will determine how each piece is made, whether they are to be raised, hammered, chased, cast, spun or electroformed.

Rather than it being a simple reproduction of the initial model, I feel that the designs actually become more alive once they’re reborn in silver. The process of working with this beautiful metal is like having a conversation. It’s a gentle pushing and pulling in the art of persuasion - from both sides. By the end of it, the pieces take on a new role and become something unique.